Welcome to Windows 8 Backgrounds. Below is our selection of high-resolution 8:5 (16:10) wallpapers. If you prefer 16:9 wallpapers, browse our selection here. Not a big fan of Windows 8? Try our Ubuntu wallpapers instead.

Windows 8 Nature Green Wallpaper Cereal Fields Wallpaper
Windows Glass Logo Wallpaper Windows 8 Cloud Background Windows 8 Black Backdrop Wallpaper for Windows 8 Planet Wallpaper Windows 8 Underwater Background
Colorful Windows Wallpaper Windows 8 Sofa Wallpaper Blue Wallpaper for Windows 8 Home Improvement with Windows 8 Windows 8 Red Background Windows 8 Purple Background Oceanic Background Textured Background for Windows 8 Windows 8 Egg Wallpaper Streamlines for Microsoft Windows 8 Swirly Background Image Colorful Windows Eight Wallpaper Teal Wallpaper for Win 8 Glow Background Image Grey Wallpaper for Windows 8 Windows 8 Wood Wallpaper Iridescence Wallpaper Black Gloss Windows Logo

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